Top tips for frugal vegans on a tight budget

Are you on a tight budget? Or under the impression that being a vegan breaks the bank? Struggling to eat healthy with a small amount of money? Finding it difficult to create affordable vegan meals with basic ingredients? Well follow some of these tips for ways to save money, eat healthy and thrive as a vegan!
  • Buy supermarket own brands – They’re usually cheaper and just as good as the best selling brand. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bargain
  • Buy frozen – I buy a lot of frozen food, or I buy fresh and I freeze it, just so that I don’t have to worry about anything going off quickly & wasting money.
  • Base your meal around starch or beans – White & sweet potatoes, brown rice, any beans, wholegrain pasta are all cheap and filling!
  • Plan your meals – This is the most important one. If you plan your meals, then you know what food you need to buy in advance and you won’t feel so lost at the supermarket with the thousands of brands on offer. I find most of my meal plan inspiration on Pinterest because it’s all free and there are SO many amazing vegan recipes.
  • Buy in bulk – It’s always cheaper & you can store it all in amazing glass containers.
  • Forget the canned soup – Get a few ingredients, make it yourself and keep a few portions in the fridge for another day. Most soups you can make cheap & basic ingredients instead of paying £1 for a tin of soup from the supermarket. Some affordable soups to make are tomato & basil, carrot & coriander, broccoli & coconut milk & cauliflower & garlic.
  • Create simple recipes – Struggling for inspiration? Try some of these easy vegan recipes on a budget.
  • Grow your own food – I’ve only recently started doing this myself, but I’m already loving my new little herb garden.
  • Forget the fake meat alternatives – It can get pretty expensive buying the faux meat & cheeses, and most of these are processed and packed full of crap anyway.
  • Pack your own lunch – If you’re a busy vegan mumma, trying to save your money or just always on the go then packing your own lunch is a must. Treat yourself to a perfectly organised lunchbox, and fill it up with as much vegan goodies as you can fit. I love this lunch box because it has different compartments so you can mix it up every day.
  • Freeze any leftovers – I always have a habit of making too much food, especially when I’m hungry and my eyes are too big for my belly and I make enough food to feed the whole street. Freezing leftovers means that you’ve got tomorrows lunch sorted and you’re not wasting any food.
  • Drink filtered water instead of buying bottled water – My fridge freezer has its own water filter so that I have fresh cold water readily available so I have no excuses!
  • Make it yourself – This is such a good way to save money. I was craving cinnamon rolls for so long, so I just made my own ! Another good example is vegan sauces, which are expensive to buy in the supermarket but super easy to make.
  • Buy fresh from your local market – I love having a wander around markets, and it also helps out your local farmers instead of buying from big businesses. Nowadays you have no idea what kind of pesticides and chemicals your fruit and veg have been covered with.

top tips for frugal vegans on a tight budget

Do you have any helpful vegan shopping tips on a budget? Comment below and let me know!

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