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The side effects of being a vegan

Although many people seem genuinely interested in Veganism, I noticed that many of them are more interested in the reasons why NOT to be a vegan, rather than listen to the facts. So yes this blog title was definitely click bait for the vegan haters out there.Since transitioning from a carnivore,Β I've noticed a few things that have changed, physically & mentally.Β So, here are a few things that you can expect when you adopt a vegan lifestyle.1. Clearer skinBeing vegan has cleared up my skin completely and made me feel so much more confident in my skin. I still have the odd break-out if i drink alcohol or when I'm on my period, which is when my favourite beauty products come in handy.I took the "before" picture when I was eating vegan junk food. The "after" picture was taken 1 week after using my vegan beauty products and eating a plant ...

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