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Top tips for frugal vegans on a tight budget

On a tight budget? Under the impression that being a vegan breaks the bank? Struggling to eat healthy with a small amount of money? Find it difficult to create affordable vegan meals with basic ingredients? Follow some of my top tips for ways to save money, eat healthy and thrive as a vegan! Plan your meals - This is the most important one. If you plan your meals, then you know what food you need to buy and you won't feel so lost at the supermarket with the thousands of brands on offer. I find most of my meal plan inspiration on Pinterest because it's all free!Buy supermarket own brands - They're usually cheaper and just as good as the best selling brand. Plus, who doesn't love a good bargain?Buy frozenย - I buy frozenย fruit for smoothies so I can always mix it up without having to worry about fresh fruit going ...

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