Fighting to become a strong and empowered woman in a misogynistic world

With my recent travelling I've been a tad busy and haven't made blogging a priority, but today I've been inspired by my indecisiveness about whether or not to post a photo of myself on Instagram in a bikini where the cellulite on my legs was visible. So I had to share this female empowerment post for all my girls out there who are struggling with their own bodies.It rained all morning in Burleigh today and I think the weather put me in a bad mood (pathetic fallacy much) because I started thinking negative comments about my body, which I know a lot of us women do daily. Personally, I'm still not 100% confident with my body, but I think it's stupid that us women have been brainwashed to think that our cellulite, stretch marks and hair on our bodies are bad because they aren't considered "beautiful" in today's society. But fuck ...

Travelling abroad & packing essentials

BIG NEWS... I'm travelling to Australia! I finally threw myself in the deep end and booked a one way flight to Brisbane leaving in 2 weeks! I'm SUPER excited and I can't wait for the adventures ahead. As well as the support from family and friends, I've also had some negative comments about travelling. but instead of letting it affect me, I'm using it to motivate me more to prove not only to others, but to myself that I can create an amazing life. I think when people send negative energy your way, it's really just a reflection of their own insecurities and doubts. I know that most people don't have the determination and confidence to move to another country, and that's why I'm focusing on how grateful I am for this incredible journey. And although my plans shifted slightly for a short time due to a silly distraction, I managed to jump right back into ...

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Free things to do when visiting Hawaii on a budget

Even if you only have a limited number of days on any island in Hawaii, there are plenty of things to cross off your bucket list before you leave. Nearly all of these suggestions are either free, or cost next to nothing, so if you're on a tight budget, these will be perfect for you! Some people find the thought of living on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean very daunting... But those are the people who have never set foot in Hawaii. In Hawaii, the islands offer beautiful landscapes that can't be seen anywhere else in the world. And that's why Oahu, known as "the gathering place", attracts nearly 8 million tourists every year. I was lucky enough to live in Hawaii, and I can honestly say it was the most beautiful place I've ever visited, let alone spend most of my 20's there. I am extremely ...

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25 vegan Christmas recipe ideas for your first vegan Christmas!

Before creating this post, I wanted to go through some of the recipes that I've found over the years to see what kind of ideas that first helped me on my vegan journey. And as I was scrolling through my Pinterest recipe board, I noticed how different the pins started to get as I scrolled further down and how the pins gradually went from all vegan to a lot of unhealthy recipes with meat and dairy in them. It was actually a nice reminder for me of how far I've come and how much I've educated myself in the past couple of years. Looking at all the recipes with meat in them, it doesn't make me hungry like it used too, it just makes me sad that I was in the position that so many people are in today. People are so unaware and uneducated about the meat and dairy industry ...

What inspired me this week?

I turned 23 this week! And although I'm extremely sad that Taylor Swift's song '22' no longer relates to me, I am so grateful for all the family and friends who took the time to send me some of the most beautiful cards I've ever been given. View post

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