Fighting to become a strong and empowered woman in a misogynistic world

With my recent travelling I've been a tad busy and haven't made blogging a priority, but today I've been inspired by my indecisiveness about whether or not to post a photo of myself on Instagram in a bikini where the cellulite on my legs was visible. So I had to share this female empowerment post for all my girls out there who are struggling with their own bodies.


It rained all morning in Burleigh today and I think the weather put me in a bad mood (pathetic fallacy much) because I started thinking negative comments about my body, which I know a lot of us women do daily. Personally, I'm still not 100% confident with my body, but I think it's stupid that us women have been brainwashed to think that our cellulite, stretch marks and hair on our bodies are bad because they aren't considered "beautiful" in today's society. But fuck that.

As soon as one person points out something about your body that they consider to be a flaw, your mind starts to pick away at all the other things that could  be classed as "flaws" and that one little comment could result in a lifetime of confidence issues and insecurity. So instead, take your feminine power back! Someone once told me my face is very round and chubby.

I wish back then I'd had the confidence to say bitch, my face is round because the universe blessed me with a face that represents the moon, don't  be jealous that I'm a celestial being.

And honestly isn't that what it all comes down too? Jealousy. And how many of us have been reassured with comments like "you look prettier than her"? Women shouldn't be in competition with each other. Your worth doesn't depend on how much smarter you are than the woman next to you, or how much skinnier or prettier you are.


Why am I writing about this? Because like thousands of other women, I grew up around childish boys who made me feel ugly for having hairy arms and petty girls who made me feel uncomfortable for swimming in a bikini that showed my nipples (#freethenipple) and grown ass adults who told me it's not very feminine to have thick legs. AND YET ALL OF THIS IS NATURAL. I SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED OF THIS. I actually love all these things now. I love that I don't care in the slightest if people can see the hair under my armpits or my nipples under my top. I'm proud of my body, and the more I grow as a person spiritually, I'm becoming more passionate about female empowerment and I hope more women feel empowered to fight against such a misogynistic world.

Also, as soon as I finished writing this post, the sun came out! Coincidence? Naaaaah the universe is on my side.



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