10 reasons why you should be a vegan

Since transitioning from a carnivore, I’ve noticed a few things that have changed, physically & mentally. So, here are a few things that you can expect when you adopt a vegan lifestyle and reasons why you should be vegan!

1. Clearer skin

Being vegan has cleared up my skin completely and made me feel so much more confident in my skin. I still have the odd break-out if i drink alcohol or when I’m on my period, which is when my favourite beauty products come in handy.

I took the “before” picture when I was eating vegan junk food. The “after” picture was taken 1 week after using my vegan beauty products and eating a plant based diet.


2. Lots more energy

Becoming a vegan has given me such a boost in energy its unreal. I used to HATE waking up hungry & exhausted, even after having a full nights sleep. Now I wake up with a surge of energy every morning ready to tackle the day ahead.

3.  Better nights sleep


To put it simply, I sleep like a baby and I find that I fall to sleep a lot easier than I used to as a meat eater. I actually cant remember the last time I struggled to fall or stay asleep.

4. Weight loss

Being a vegan means you have to find your protein, calcium & b12 elsewhere, and after a few weeks of eating a healthy selection of fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, drinking dairy free milks and more, I started to notice how I was losing weight without any effort and I’d definitely say a vegan lifestyle is better than any fad “diet” I’ve done in the past.

5. Thick, healthy & strong hair & nails

Healthy hair & nails is a definite benefit of veganism. I also take hair vitamins for extra strength which has helped my hair sooooooo much. I take MSM & Biotin which costed me around £8 for both of them and are the main ingredient in all the popular healthy hair products.

6. Self discipline

When you become vegan, you notice many things you now have to say no to. Your favourite bottle of wine, muffins from the supermarket & yorkie puddings on your Sunday roast.

HOWEVER, it opens up your eyes to a million other things you can say yes to! I love finding alternatives to the foods I used to love, and I can happily say that the alternatives taste waaaaay better, and definitely make me feel better knowing I’m not eating any meat, dairy or eggs or hurting any animals.

7. Experimenting with food

In my opinion, this is has been one of the most fun and exciting parts of being vegan because it means that most of the time I have to think outside the box and be creative with my food. Some of my favourite fruit & vegetables I now cook with are things I had never even tried before! I’d never tried a radish or courgette or dragon fruit can you f**king believe that?!

8.  Save money

Having a vegan lifestyle means I buy in bulk, I cook meals from scratch with discounted fresh produce, I create simple recipes and I freeze leftovers. I save a lot of money by looking at offers and discounts at the supermarket & I tend to stay away from meat substitutes as they can be costly.

9. Inner peace

Inner peace comes from knowing that you aren’t contributing to the slaughter of animals, the destruction of the planet or the destruction to your health

Personally, I think that once you’ve armed yourself with enough education about veganism & the meat industry, you can’t sit back and ignore it anymore. Which is a big reason why many people are so resistant, because they know that if they found out the truth about what goes on their plate, they might not want to eat it anymore.

10. Overall better health & well-being

As a vegan I feel healthier & happier than I ever have. I used to suffer from serious migraines that would put me in bed for hours in pain, and as soon as I gave up meat & dairy, I haven’t had a migraine or a headache since. And thank god because that shit was painful.

I’ve never heard of anyone going vegan and complaining about how they feel, and why would they when it feels f**king incredible! There is nothing in the world that would make me want to eat meat again which makes me feel really proud of myself because of how much I’ve educated myself.

Are you a vegan and experiencing anything similar? Or maybe you're thinking about becoming vegan? Comment below & share your story!

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3 Responses
  • Michelle
    August 10, 2017

    I totally recognize your story! I’ve been on a plant based lifestyle for a month now. And the changes are amazing. I have so much energy I even get up at 6AM and started running. And I never…ever liked sports or running in particular. For some reason my eyes and mind have been opened to a complete new lifestyle. And the energy makes it so easy to maintain it.

    • jadesamermaid
      August 10, 2017

      I’m so glad you’ve had the same positive changes! I’ve started getting up a lot earlier too, and I’m loving it, and I was NEVER a morning person before. Keep going girly! What’s your Instagram username so I can follow you? 🙂

  • Jana S
    October 30, 2017

    I have been a plant based diet “lifestyle” for about a month. I have never felt better and love experimenting with different beans, vegetables, and fruits! My children, along with other family memebers that are meat eaters, they loves a lot of the stuff I make. I wouldn’t change anything. Thanks for sharing your story! 😁

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